Welcome Message

    It is my honour to become the President of IPA Hong Kong Section after serving in the Executive Council for more than 25 years. I am also delighted to see many young and bright officers have joined my team in the Executive Council. With such new vigour, imagination and support, I am confident that IPA Hong Kong shall progress well in future.


    Hong Kong President

    Jack Tam


  • The Winner of the IPA Video Competition 2013

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    International Police Association (IPA) is the largest police organizations in the world with more 350,000 members from 69 countries / regions. It was established by Mr. Arthur Troop, a police sergeant of Lincoln, UK, in 1950. It is an independent body composed of members from police service, whether serving or retired.


    IPA Hong Kong Section was formally established in June 1960 by Mr. LI Fuk-ki, a police inspector of Royal Hong Kong Police Force. As at January 2020, the Section has exceeded 1,650 membership toll from regular, auxiliary and retired police.


    We have also received Foreign Associate Membership from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines police officers. We are also committed to promote IPA to other Asian countries.e bearers. 


    IPA Hong Kong is neither a staff association of Hong Kong Police, nor organization under the Police Sports and Arts Council. It is registered under the Society Ordinance in Hong Kong with the President, Secretary General and Treasurer as the office bearers.


    The main purpose of the IPA is to promote friendship between the police officers of different countries. The main way we do this is by offering hospitality to overseas IPA members visiting Hong Kong. This takes many forms – assisting visitors with accommodation, inviting visitors for meals and drinks, accompanying them and assisting with sight-seeing and shopping, arranging visits to police stations or other police facilities, and so on. The other side of hospitality is making arrangements for our members who travel to other countries.


    According to the IPA Constitution, the Executive Council (EC) is the managing authority to operate IPA Hong Kong Section. Apart from the office bears of President, Secretary General and Treasurer, other committee members assist the Section in organizing activities, receiving visitors, management of souvenirs and production of publicity materials. EC Meeting will be held on a regular basis.

    Involvement at International Level

    Every year, delegates from sections attend the World Congress held by hosting section to discuss the affairs of IPA. Besides, a scholarship in name of the Founder Arthur Troop will be awarded to selected sections on yearly basis to support members attending training at the training institution at Gimborn, Germany and other IPA supported training courses.



    Activities in Hong Kong

    Of course, we also arrange activities for our members in Hong Kong. We normally hold Spring Reception around the Lunar New Year, Annual Dinner to follow the Annual General Meeting in June, and Christmas Party in December. Occasionally, we organize social functions and charity events to enhance the internal communications of local members and demonstrate social responsibility of Hong Kong Police.

    Travel Assistance

    In line with the IPA Motto “Service Through Friendship”, we encourage members visiting other countries and meeting with overseas membership for experience and cultural exchanges. Members can send a Travel Request Form via IPA Hong Kong to the Section of intended visit and request for advice on travel, accommodation, as well as visiting to police premises. Same protocol of hospitality also applies to overseas members visiting Hong Kong.

  • Finance

    We rely on the membership fee to finance the operation of the section such as production of souvenirs for exchange and subsidy to members attending IPA local events. Subject to the financial situation and approval of the Executive Council, the section will also sponsor the expenses for members representing Hong Kong to attend conferences, seminars or other international events.


    IPA Hong Kong will continue providing service to members to facilitate their visits and helping them to broaden their personal networking at International level. Besides, we will endeavor to take every opportunity to project positive image of Hong Kong Police to overseas members. Sharing session will also be arranged for different police units if foreign members visiting Hong Kong posses with expertise on specific profession and benefit to the Hong Kong Police.

  • Executive Committee Members (2024 - 2027)


    TAM Man-hoi, Jack


    LI Tsui-fan, Suki


    WONG Yue-to, Otto

    Executive Committee Member

    LAI Chung-man, Frankie

    Executive Committee Member

    LOK Shing-cheong, Lawrence

    Executive Committee Member

    WONG ka-lun, Brandon

    Executive Committee Member

    CHAN Kan-wing, John

    Executive Committee Member

    CHAN Kim-ming, Stanley

    Executive Committee Member

    LAI Hoi-fung

    Executive Committee Member

    LEUNG Chi-tat

    Executive Committee Member

    LEUNG Yan-yan, Gloria

    Executive Committee Member

    CHAN Chi-pui, Rico



    “ Service Through Friendship ”
    International Police Association Hong Kong Section


  • Honorary Presidents and Consultants


    Permanent Honorary President

    Mr. HO Ying Fu, Francis (何應富)

    Honorary President

    Mr. CHEUNG Ka Ho (張家豪)

    Honorary President

    Ms. LEUNG Ho Ki, June (梁賀琪)

    Honorary President

    Mr. CHEUNG Man-fai, Frankie(張文輝)

    Honorary President

    Mr. Herman HO(何樂)

    Honorary President

    Mr. LOK Tak-cheung(駱德祥)

    Honorary President

    Mr. SUN Hong-bin, Edmond(孫宏斌)

    Honorary President

    Ms. YU Judith(楊莉珊)

    Honorary President

    Mr. FU Chun-keung, Ken(傅鎮強)

    Honorary President

    Mr. YEUNG Cheuk-hing, Jacky(楊焯興)

    Honorary President

    Mr. CHAN Kwong-sang(陳廣生)

    Honorary President

    Mr. HO Kwok-kong, Jeff(何國光)

    Honorary President

    Mr. KWOK Ka-lok, Ken (郭家樂)

    Honorary President

    LEE Kin-fai, Jacky  (李建輝)

    Honorary Independent Auditor

    Mr. CHUI Chi-yun, Robert (崔志仁)

    Honorary Consultant

    Mr. YIU Yeung-lung, James (姚仰龍)

    Honorary Consultant

    Mr. OR Chong-shing, Wilson(柯創盛)

    Honorary Consultant

    Mr. CHE Shu Fai, Eric (趙樹輝)

    Honorary Consultant

    Mr. WOO Wai-shing, Ray (胡偉成)

    Honorary Consultant

    Mr. FAN Xingchuan, Leo (范興川)

    Mainland Affair Consultant

    Honorary Consultant

    Mr. XU Weidong (許偉東)